Meet our dedicated team of experts

Osela, founded in January  2011, is a company consisted of a team of experienced dynamic professionals with a solid commitment to service.  From management to all levels of manufacturing every employee has many years of experience in working with lasers and optical systems. 

Management Team


Nicolas (Nick) has been working in structured light and laser diode modules industry for more than 25 years. He has held many different positions over his career in photonics, starting in R&D as an electro-optic design developer, followed by a production management role, then landing in technical sales. His knowledge of customers applications, photonic technologies and the  business operations developed him into a seasoned manager to lead sales as a director and VP over his career. With this multirole background he became a natural company leader and founder of Osela. Before Osela, he occupied the position of General Manager at StockerYale and at Coherent Canada. Nick has a Degree in Physics andas Bachelor degree in operation management, hecompleted his education with a MBA in Technology management from UQAM University in Montreal Canada


Francis  began his career at StockerYale Canada  in engineering and as a part time scientist in the R&D department. Rapidly, he became Manager of the optical OEM department where he excelled with bringing new optical developoments and implemented t several new manufacturing practices. With his drive and strong technical background his intitatives directly contributed increase in sales with OEM customers. Promoted to lead He  lead design developer of optical components for new targeted markets, specifically  for bio-instrumentation market and high end astructured lighting. In 2011, he cofounded Osela as head of R&D.Francis is now responsible of our product and technology development department at Osela. He holds a technical background in Physics Engineering from Montreal Polytechnique university and hold several patents in the field of optical beam shaping and has more than 20 years of experience with lasers and optics.


Tony holds a Bachelor degree in physics from Concordia University in Montreal. After a brief foray into patent engineering  at Robic he was hired at Lasiris Inc in 1995 as an application engineer specializing in  machine vision lasers. He was then rapidly promoted as regional sales manager for Europe and west coast sales. In 1999, Tony became Director of Business Development in the Optical Components group in charge  of StockerYale’s  telecom dedicated optical components such as special optical fibers, phase masks and Fiber bragg gratings . In 2003, Tony rejoined StockerYale’s laser group and became Director of business development where he quickly contributedin penetrating new markets,and successfully generated incremental sales in the bio-medical industry. In 2011, he co-founded Osela as the leader of the sales and marketing department. With a strong technical background and 25 years experience in photonics,Tony is well postioned consulting in applicatons in  machine vision and bio-instrumentation.  


Stephan Kennerknecht has a very experienced professional background spending his complete career in the machine vision industry. He holds a Master Degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Applied Science in Munich. At the beginning of his career he worked as Project Manager and Software Engineer. After some years of gaining professional experience and knowledge he changed to Product Management and Sales positions. Before joining Osela in 2018 he worked for our main European Distributor as Sales Group Manager.


Founded Lasiris in 1985, which was eventually sold to Stockeryale in 1998. Alain pioneered structured lighting for the machine vision industry.