Extreme high power density long range Line Scan Illumination

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Long Range Illuminator

Osela’s Long Range Illuminator (LRI) is designed to project a high intensity uniform illumination for long range Line Scan imaging applications. Unlike LED based systems, our unique technology’s spatial coherence maintains high power over long distances while still providing high clarity images with reduced image specularity. The unique laser based solution has the added advantage of having high electrical efficiency, reducing the need of costly active cooling. 

Key Features

  • Up to 5 meters working range 
  • Up to 20W of direct optical power 
  • 450, 520, 640, 808nm wavelength 
  • Compact form factor
  • Electrically efficient 

Key Applications

  • Line scan camera illumination 
  • 2D machine vision 
  • Outdoor industrial inspection 
  • Road, rail, train inspection 
  • Hot steel inspection 

Irrespective of distance

Due to its spatial coherence, the Long Range Illuminator provides high on target optical power irrespective of projection distance.  As shown below, traditional LED light bars are restricted to < 100 mm working distance to conserve optimal power density.
With the LRI, you can easily go up to 5 meters without losing optical power density.

Traditional LED bar
Osela LRI

Superior image quality

The Long Range Illuminator image quality shows very low speckling, enabling the user to resolve the fine features required in the most demanding machine vision applications.

Laser Image
LRI image

Flexible illumination projections

The LRI can be used with different projection setups. The illumination can be superimposed to double the energy, or stitched side-by-side to increase field of view. The long range illuminator can also be easily projected at different angles of incidence.

Furthermore, the illumination intensity profile can be modified to ensure an even illumination on the camera image plane.